Parents frustrated, angry after asbestos once again found in school

Parents of students at a Woodbridge elementary school say that they are frustrated and angry with administrators after asbestos was found inside the school for a second time.
The students at Indiana Avenue Elementary School 18 in the Iselin section of town were dismissed from school at 5 p.m. Thursday because they are attending classes at the middle school. Middle school students were dismissed at noon and the elementary school students came in at 12:30 p.m. This is part of the deal the school board worked out while the elementary school is cleaned.
School administrators held an informational meeting Wednesday night to address parents’ concerns. But some parents tell News 12 New Jersey that they are not happy that school will have to be closed for a second time.
“I don’t think we should expose our children to a material that can potentially kill them in the long run,” says one parent.
News 12 reported last month that the school had to be closed due to a mold issue. While the mold was cleaned up, the asbestos was found. Administrators said that the school was thoroughly cleaned and students were given the all-clear to come back.
But another round of testing found that asbestos was detected in a least three classrooms and the media center.
Some parents say that the meeting with the superintendent Wednesday did not provide many answers or solutions to the issue. They also say that they are not happy that the children will be going to school for a half-day.
“It is impossible for the best teachers in the world…to teach these children all the material they need to know in such a short amount of time and its’s impossible for the children to retain it,” says parent Christine Gonzalez.
Some parents also say that they are not happy that spring break was canceled since some families have already scheduled vacations for that time.
Parents say that if the school isn’t cleared by the end of spring break they have been told the options are to keep the split sessions with the middle school or split the 600 students up among other buildings in the district.
The school district did not return News 12 New Jersey’s calls for comment.