Over 50 Rumson teens cited after alcohol-fueled party in Vermont

Dozens of Rumson teens were busted this weekend for underage drinking at a party hundreds of miles away in Vermont, according to police.
A source tells News 12 New Jersey that some of the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School senior class was away on a trip in Vermont. The source said that this is apparently an annual tradition among the senior class.
Vermont State Police say that troopers were called to a home on West Hill Road in the town of Jamaica for a vandalism complaint. The call came in just after midnight on Feb. 11.
Police say that during the investigation the troopers encountered 55 underage teens “who were in possession of a vast quantity of alcohol and a civil amount of marijuana.” All of the teens were issued citations.
“Troopers were able to collect all of the alcohol and contraband from the residence and supervised the juveniles as they destroyed it in their presence,” a Vermont State Police spokesperson said in a statement.
Sources tell News 12 New Jersey that some of the students’ parents were also on the trip, but were not at the home where the party took place. 
Police officials said that some “sober parents" were called to take the teens home.
Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School was closed Monday and Tuesday for a scheduled break. It was not immediately known if the students would be facing disciplinary action at the school.