Over 100 homes evacuated following flooding in Brick Township

Over 100 homes were evacuated Monday after major flooding became a danger in Brick Township.
Officials say that 7 inches of rain fell in the town over the past 72 hours, with a majority of it falling Monday. Brick Township officials declared a state of emergency due to the flooding conditions.
Most of the water receded by Monday night, but the damage had already been done.
On Bursville Road, several cars were submerged. Residents say that although there is a pumping station around the corner, it isn’t working, and the area does not have good drainage.
“It’s a lot of water with nowhere to go,” says Brick resident Eric Battleson.
Residents tell News 12 New Jersey that the county had fixed the roadway and put in the pumping station so that flooding wouldn’t happen. And yet it happened anyway.
The senior citizen community of Greenbriar 1 also saw major flooding. The Brick Township chief of police says that 50 residents will be staying in a nearby shelter due to flooding in their home.
Nearby Spring Lake also saw lots of flooding. The Hanebrand Creek was mixing with Old Mill Pond, which flowed over the levee. Homeowner Joe Trnaglia says that the water was about an inch away from getting in his first floor before the rain stopped.
“I lived through Irene, Sandy…You could see it coming up and all of a sudden around noon the water went crazy,” he says.
There was also major flooding in several towns in Northern New Jersey. Gov. Phil Murphy toured the damage in Little Falls and Woodland Park. He says that he may try to get federal aid to help with the recovery.