‘Our guys are all prepared for that’: Jersey Shore communities set to experience strong winds, flooding risk

The Jersey Shore may miss out on the heavy snow Wednesday into Thursday, but they will likely experience the strongest winds and a risk of flooding.
Snow totals in Monmouth County can go from a foot in Allentown to only an inch in Belmar.
Although the heavy snow is expected to stay north and west, the shore will get the strongest winds gusting over 50 mph, combined with a storm surge and moderate coastal flooding risk, parts of Route 35 may have to be closed by the marina come high tide Thursday morning.
“That's the parts that flood out first when we have heavy winds and high tides,” says Belmar Mayor Mark Walsifer. “Our guys are all prepared for that. They'll be out there watching it and notify everybody. We are trying to get people to move their cars off the streets for tomorrow night so DPW crews can plow a little bit easier.”
The hazards may be made worse if the rain switches to freezing rain Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Mayor Walsifer says power outages are possible.