Officials: Still unclear why Dominion voting machines scanners malfunctioned in Mercer County

Ballots in Mercer County are still being counted following problems with around 200 voting machine scanners on Election Day.
The Mercer County Board of Elections is sorting through and counting all the ballots that were brought there overnight due to the problems with the Dominion voting machines.
About 60 bags of votes were still left to be counted as of Wednesday afternoon. They expected the counting to be complete by the night.
Officials say they still don’t know the exact cause of the scanning problems. Election officials say they ran a test last week and that the machines worked properly during early voting as they did for the last three elections.
The public is allowed to come down to the Mercer County Board of Elections headquarters to see the process in action. Two such people who did were Trenton Democratic challenger Mark Cubberley and John Hart, chair of the Howell Township GOP.
“This is significant for the city of Trenton, because the entire government is on the ballot – seven council people and the mayor – all at one time. To have this glitch…chilled voters,” Cubberley says.
Hart says that there were issues with provisional ballots last year, so many voters in his town did not wish to cast a provisional ballot this year.
“I’m disappointed that the county had all this year to fix this problem, and on election day, with a tight race like this, we have to go through this again,” he says.