Officers help to save toddler's life in Brick Township

Two officers from the Brick Township Police Department helped saved a child's life earlier this month.
On June 9, Ryan Travers and his wife Melissa were giving their son a bath when he began choking on his own vomit.
The parents ran out of the home with 21-month-old Bruce as Ryan called 911 and Melissa, a trained nurse, tried to keep the child a live.
Police arrived minutes later.
"I got there and saw him in the grass with his eyes opened but not taking any breaths," said Officer Tyler Stephenson.
Stephenson eventually got the food out of Bruce's mouth, but he still wasn't making any noise.
Officer Kevin Docherty realized the baby's mouth was filled with some fluid so he swoped his mouth while Stephenson continued to do back blows.
The baby survived and the family is grateful for the officers' actions.
The officers are encouraging everyone to get certified in first-aid and CPR.