Oceanport woman excels at finding four-leaf clovers

An Oceanport woman may hold the secret to good luck – she has a skill for finding rare four-leaf clovers.
Four-leaf clovers provide good luck, according to folklore. Finding one is incredible rare – one in 10,000.
But Cathy Doran has found dozens of them and has pressed them between the pages of a book.
“I usually get a feeling,” Doran says when asked if she’s able to sense the clovers. “It just calls to you.”
Doran says that she has even found a clover in her yard this winter. She also says that she once found 17 in a single day.
“I tried to win the lottery with them and that hasn’t worked,” she joked. “I brought tickets with them in my pocket.”
She says that she even once found a five-leaf clover.
Doran says that her quirky collection has brought her some of the best kind of luck.
"As far as health, family, love, I think I'm one of the luckiest people around," she says.
Being lucky may run in Doran's family. She says that her great-grandmother also had a knack for finding four-leaf clovers.