Ocean Township gas station closed after water found in fuel

An Ocean Township gas station has been shut down after investigators found water in the fuel tanks.
Patrons will not be allowed to fill their tanks at the Wannamasa Sunoco on Route 35 northbound in Ocean Township.
The incident happened on Wednesday when at least 13 vehicles became disabled after filling up here.
According to the Ocean Township police report, the vehicles began to smoke and drivers pulled off to the side of the road just after refilling their gas tanks.
On Thursday, crews from the state Weights and Measures showed up to test a sample of the fuel, and they found it was tainted with water. 
Weights and Measures, as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs, is now trying to figure out how and where the source of contamination is and the gas station will remain closed until everything gets cleaned up.
Anyone who believes they are a victim is asked to call 1-800-SUNOCO-1.