Ocean County sheriff wants to paint a blue line in Toms River to show support for police

The Ocean County sheriff is hoping to show support for law enforcement officers throughout the county in a symbolic way, but not everyone is on board with the plan.
Sheriff Michael Mastronardy says that he hopes to add a blue line of tribute down Hooper Avenue in front of the Ocean County courthouse and administration building in Toms River.
“It’s more important what it means to the officers that pass through here and come to court and I think it means a lot that they know that the county commissioners - Commission [Gary] Quinn and the rest of the commissioners – that they respect them as long as they do their job and be accountable,” Mastronardy says.
The sheriff says that accountability is important in today’s political and social climate.
“The police chiefs in Ocean County and throughout the state of New Jersey work very hard with training and making their people accountable,” he says. “The key is treating people with respect.”
News 12 New Jersey asked some viewers how they felt about a blue line being painted down the street in Toms River. Many said that while they support members of law enforcement, they felt the action would be “meaningless” and “tone-deaf,” especially when police reform is such a hot-button issue.
“Everybody has an opinion as far as just a symbolic thing just to support law enforcement,” Mastronardy says.
Plans for the blue line would have to be approved by a county engineer before it could be rolled out.