Ocean County law enforcement officials tout active shooter app

Ocean County first responders say that they are as prepared as possible to handle active shooter incidents at county schools and events.
Law enforcement agents have an app on their phones that show them the exact layout of every school in the county along with information about suspects and victims.
News 12 New Jersey featured the county’s mock school shooting exercise in August at Central Regional High School. The app is known as Collaborative Graphic Technology and is only available to law enforcement.
“Within the first five minutes, that SWAT team was able to identify the location, make way into the building, the most direct route,” says Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Al Della Fave.
Della Fave says that the technology also records the officers’ presences on the scene and once the suspect’s location is identified, they can get that information as well.
“Say a school administrator says he’s in the third-floor janitor’s closet, they look at their phone and immediately see that,” Della Fave says.
But Della Fave says that the best security still available is making sure visitors are thoroughly checked before being gaining access to a school.
This same app will be used at other high-profile Ocean County events like the Polar Bear Plunge and the Semper Five run.