NWS: Tuesday's weather created 5 tornadoes in New York, Connecticut

The National Weather Service has confirmed Tuesday's severe weather created five tornadoes in New York and Connecticut.
There is extensive cleanup going on in both states, as people deal with widespread power outages.
In New York, meteorologists confirmed a tornado of 110 mph struck Kent and one of 100 mph ripped through Patterson.
Both are in Putnam County.
The third tornado, an EF0 with winds of 85 mph, struck in Newburgh in Orange County.
In Connecticut, the weather service says an EF1 tornado with estimated peak winds of 110 mph moved along a 9 ½ mile path between Beacon Falls and Hamden.
A second EF1 tornado with peak winds of 100 mph moved along a 4 ½ mile path between Southbury and Oxford.
AP wire services helped contribute to this report.