Striking Robert Wood Johnson nurses reject latest deal, vote to remain on strike

A vote was held Tuesday among striking nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. On day 47 of this job action, 89% of nurses voted to continue their strike.
This means they will stay on the picket lines along Somerset Street in New Brunswick.
Management with the hospital had told nurses to decide by Tuesday whether to accept the latest three-year contract, agree to binding arbitration, or continue to strike.
Nurses chose option No. 3. Many proudly showed off that decision by wearing T-shirts with the number three on the front.
Union President Judy Danella tells News 12, “The members still feel that safe staffing is the most important. It is by far the most important. I think it’ll bring more people into the profession if we do this if we do the right thing.”
Nurses have said all along that they want increased staffing on floors and don’t want to be punished for taking a sick day.
The hospital suggested a $20 per hour bonus for a nurse if a unit falls below staffing ratios, but the union rejected it.
“We are deeply disappointed that United Steel Workers 4-200, the union representing our nurses, voted today to prolong their strike indefinitely,” a spokesperson for the hospital wrote in a statement. “It is clear by today’s action that the union does not share in our commitment to reaching a resolution that ends this strike immediately and prioritizing the wellbeing and livelihood of their nurses and families.”
There are no new negotiating sessions set at this time.