No more 'stop-and-go' on some Hamilton streets

More than 80 stop signs are about to disappear in Hamilton Township.
New Mayor John Bencivengo says the last administration put up the signs without proper city and state approval. According to Bencivengo, tickets given out for running an illegal stop sign wouldn?t hold up in court.
?When you go to court, you?ll say, ?Sure, you don?t have to give me a summons because it?s not legal,? and the judge will say, ?You?re right,?? Bencivengo says.
The stop signs along Lakeside Boulevard will be some of the first to go. So far, the town has a list of 86 signs it found to be illegal, but that number could get bigger.
Some neighbors on Lakeside say drivers weren?t obeying the stop signs anyway. However, others say they felt safer with the signs there. Those residents are hoping the signs will eventually be back legally.
Bencivengo says he will work with neighbors on going through the proper channels to put the signs back where needed. He says there will be notices to help warn neighbors and drivers of any changes. The mayor hopes to have all of the signs removed within a month.