No bull: Bovine escapes enclosure during snowstorm

Howell Township police responded to quite the unusual call Thursday – a lost bull.
Police say that Patrolman John Louhier responded to Oak Glen Road Thursday for reports of a bull loose in the area.
The bull had apparently escaped Wednesday night after a snowstorm knocked down a portion of the bull’s enclosure. This allowed the animal to wander about 500 feet down the road.
Patrolman Louhier tried to lasso the 500-pound bull using the emergency rope that each officer carries in their go-bags, but police say that the animal started to pull away from him and he realized that lassoing it would be a bad idea. The patrolman was able to use a utility pole as a barrier to protect himself from the bull, according to a Facebook post by police.
Police say that eventually the bull’s caretaker was able to corral him back into his pen.