NJ to co-lead multistate investigation to determine if TikTok is harmful to minors

New Jersey will co-lead a multistate investigation into whether the popular social media platform TikTok violates state consumer protection laws by “inducing young people to use the platform in ways that are potentially damaging and putting them at risk of mental and physical harm.”
Acting New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin announced the investigation on Wednesday.
Platkin says that the investigation will center on “techniques employed by TikTok to increase both the frequency and duration of engagement by young users – children, teenagers and young adults – and on the potential harms that may result from such engagement.”
“Many parents and child advocates are rightfully concerned about the impact of social media usage on young people’s safety and wellbeing,” Platkin said in a statement. “If social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are violating our laws and exposing young users to psychological and physical harms, we will hold them accountable.”
Platkin will be joined by attorneys general from California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Vermont.
New Jersey previously announced that the same group of states would lead an investigation into Facebook parents company Meta Platforms Inc. to address if Instagram violates state consumer law by putting children and teenagers at risk.