NJ schools now required to teach students about consent for sexual activity

New Jersey students will now be required to learn about the meaning and laws of consent, under a new law.
The law, signed by Gov. Phil Murphy Thursday, requires school districts to incorporate instruction on the law and meaning of consent for physical contact and sexual activity. It will be required for students grades six through 12.
The bill was sponsored by New Jersey Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt and Joann Downey.
“It’s incredibly important, particularly in the age of #MeToo, that we educate our students on consent and safe behavior in relationships,” Lampitt said in a statement.
Downey added, “Talking about the meaning of consent in our educational curriculum…will give our students the tools they need to build healthy romantic and sexual relationships once they are read…By educating them with these principles throughout adolescence, we teach our students that consent is always required and respectful.”
The lessons will be a part of the students’ health and physical education classes.