NJ officers, volunteers return from mission to Puerto Rico

Dozens of New Jersey State Troopers and local police officers who went to Puerto Rico to help with post-hurricane recovery were welcomed home Saturday night at Newark International Airport. 
Sixty officers were bused directly from the tarmac to Terminal B after serving as first responders for two weeks in Puerto Rico to assist the victims. 
They were greeted by their superiors with handshakes and recognition for their volunteer effort.
Colonel Patrick Callahan, of the New Jersey State Police said "I would be remiss if I didn't come here in person to thank you for your service on behalf of the state of New Jersey."
The officers worked to directing traffic, deliver food and water and check on the welfare of people on the island.
"They're not out of the woods yet. The power is being restored, but the infrastructure is damaged beyond belief," said Captain Sean Kilcomons. 
About 400 state troopers, local and county police officers, and various state and local agencies were deployed to hurricane-ravaged island since the NJ PRIDE mission started on Sept. 30.
This was the fourth and final wave, unless the governor-elect decides to continue the initiative.
New Jersey State Police took 19 of their own cruisers to use while on the island. They decided to leave them behind for Puerto Rico's police since many of their cruisers were destroyed by the hurricanes.