NJ man’s houseboat stuck in frozen Sandy Hook Bay

A Monmouth County man says that his houseboat is stuck in the frozen Sandy Hook Bay after it was swept away during last week’s blizzard.
Danny Davis, 58, says that he took shelter on land during the blizzard but anchored his house boat. When he came back, he says that he found the boat encased in ice out in the bay.
“That’s my life. That’s my dream. Only place I can afford life,” Davis says.
Davis lives on a fixed income and has health issues. He says that his boat, van and dogs are his life.
“I will get my vessel back,” he says. “Hopefully she’ll still float. If she sinks then I lost my vessel."
Davis’ boat, The Nautical, became undocked on the Highlands side of the Navesink River during the storm. It floated underneath the Route 36 Bridge and then eventually became stuck in the Sandy Hook Bay.
Davis has been living in his van with his dogs until an ice-cutting tug boat can get to his boat.
“I’ve got plenty of room in there. There are my dogs. They love their daddy,” Davis says.
Davis says that although he’s lost his home for the time being, there are others who have it worse off than he does.
“There’s always a positive side to everything…I hope and pray [my boat’s] coming back. It will,” he says.
Davis also says that he is grateful to donors who have helped him get a hotel for several nights and also bought him some fresh clothing.