NJ lawmakers propose law to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous

A new bill introduced in the state Legislature could allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.
The bill would amend the state’s lottery regulations to allow winners to claim their prize without being identified. Currently, winners’ names and locations can be made known through a press release or formal request for public records.
The bill is aimed toward large lottery prizes.
“Once you win, you can get inundated by family, friends, even scammers trying to get ahold of the money and so this was really geared towards letting people remain anonymous if they do have the great fortune to win,” says Republican state Sen. Kristin Corrado.
A state Assembly version of the bill was introduced last March but didn’t advance. The state Senate version is up for a vote on Thursday.
If passed, the bill would be in step with financial advisers and lawyers who urge winners to keep quiet about their prizes.