NJ fugitive surrenders to FBI after 15 years on the run

A fugitive from New Jersey has surrendered to the FBI after nearly 15 years on the run.
Federal prosecutors say that Steven Nacim, 49, and his brothers started a computer business in New Jersey and Morocco. The brothers allegedly wrote fraudulent checks to New Jersey electronics stores, took the merchandise, and shipped them to Morocco for resale.
"Mr. Nacim swindled these business owners out of hundreds of thousands of dollars here in New Jersey and around the country,” says FBI Special Agent Carie Jeleniewski. “Some of those actually lost their businesses and lost their livelihood due to Mr. Nacim."
Nacim was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2003 but fled to Morocco with his brothers. Nacim is a Moroccan national.
Nacim returned to the United States this week and is cooperating with the FBI, according to officials.
“I want to pay the price for what I did,” Nacim told News 12 New Jersey, adding, “I am sorry for what I did.”
Nacim says that he wants to stay in the United States after serving whatever sentence is given to him. His brothers remain in Morocco. They are not U.S. citizens and are not expected to surrender.
“We want people to know that if you commit a crime, the FBI does not forget. We spent hours of our time, sweat and energy looking into these crimes. You deserve to pay for it,” Jeleniewski says.
Nacim appeared in federal court Friday afternoon. U.S. Magistrate Judge Cathy Waldor ordered Nacim to be placed under house arrest with a GPS monitoring.