NJ firefighter walks 13 miles to promote development of walking trails and ‘active transportation’

An Elizabeth firefighter walked more than a dozen miles to promote the development of walking trails and what he calls “active transportation.”
Stephen Dunn lives in Kenilworth and is the chair of Kenilworth’s Rail Trail Committee. He says he got started going on walks and trail promoting in September 2020 after a friend was killed by a bus in Brooklyn while riding her bike.
Less than a year later, Dunn was also struck by a vehicle while biking. He suffered a broken collar bone and says that he is lucky to be alive.
Dunn walked 13 miles on Wednesday from Summit to the Goethals Bridge on the abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad, Central New Jersey Railroad and Elizabeth River Trail.
“I don’t drive to the firehouse. It’s been over two years since I’ve driven to the firehouse, so it’s fun for me. But for a lot of other people, it’s not fun because there are dangers involved,” says Dunn. “I want to try and make it safer for people to be out there biking and walking.”
Dunn is documenting his efforts on his Instagram page. He hopes to get more financial support from New Jersey's elected officials.