NJ DEP: Woman attacked by bear while checking mail in Sussex County

A bear attacked a 34-year-old woman who was out checking her mail near her Sussex County home, according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
Authorities say it happened Wednesday on Gorney Road in Lafayette.
The DEP says the woman was outside her home when she spotted two or three black bears. She says that one of them charged at her.
Officials say that a neighbor had to use his car horn to scare the bears off. The woman's arm and back were injured as a result of the attack but is out of the hospital.
The bear will be euthanized if it is caught.
The DEP says that New Jersey residents should be reminded of a few items to help reduce the risk of an encounter with a black bear. These items include not approaching a bear, reaming calm if a bear is spotted and make sure the bear has an escape route.
People should also make sure the bear is aware of their presence by speaking in an assertive voice or making other noises.