NJ Democrats blast Republican governors over transportation of migrant workers to the north

NJ Democrats blast Republican governors over transportation of migrant workers to the north
Some New Jersey Democratic lawmakers are blasting Republican governors for sending migrant workers to Democratic states.
Republican states are blaming the White House for a growing crisis at the border by sending migrants by bus and plane to Liberal states.
Migrant workers were transported, some by the bus load, some by planes, to sanctuary cities earlier this week with promises of being reunited with family or possible job opportunities.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered the transportation of migrant workers from Florida to places up north like Massachusetts and Washington D.C.
Some workers were dropped off at Vice President Kamala Harris' home.
While at a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Union City on Sunday, elected officials called it horrific and likened it to human trafficking.
"Where are you when you say you are the party of the sanctity of life? What about the sanctity of the lives of the people you're playing with who you lure onto buses like a human trafficker?" said Sen. Robert Menedez.
"We had an immigration bill that came out of the Senate years ago with 73 Republicans voting for it. When it went to the House, Speaker Boehner refused to put up the bill. That would have solved a lot of the issues that are present today," said Rep. Albio Sires.
In recent months, the governors of Texas and Arizona have also bussed migrant workers, some were even dropped off right across the Hudson in New York City.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for people to get together to address the current migration situation.
"We should be clear that this is as a state of a humanitarian crisis created by human hands, and it is it is in all hands-on deck moment where we're all supposed to come together and coordinate. Coordination during the crisis is something that we must do together, and that's the federal government," Adams said.
Here in New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy tweeted a statement that reads in part, "New Jersey stands by our nation's values which welcome those seeking a better life with not just open arms but, even more importantly, with open hearts."
As more migrant workers continue to be bussed out of southern states, it's still unknow if any will be brought to New Jersey.