NJ crew rescues cow in danger of drowning in North Carolina

A crew from the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage were essential in rescuing several animals that were in danger during Hurricane Florence.
Mike Stura and his crew from Skylands say that they felt that they needed to help when the storm hit the Carolinas.
“We have the boat. We have our rescue trailers. We have trucks. We have all the stuff and we're always kind of ready to go,” Stura says.
Stura says that his crew received a tip from a woman in North Carolina that led them to a small town north of Wilmington where cows were trapped in a small barn.
"They were not standing, they were floating and they were swimming,” he says. “They were hitting the ground and bouncing up. They would go under water and they'd bounce up and try and get air.”
Stura says that rescuing the cows was harder than he expected.
“They took off swimming, so we didn’t think we were going to get any of them. We were going by them and then when we got by her, she kind of swam by the boat the wrong way and I just launched over and grabbed her by the ears and hauled her up and that’s how we got her,” he says.
Stura says he named the cow “Red” after his mother and she is now living her life at Skylands.
“Hopefully she’ll live into her 20s and have a great life here,” he says.
The crew also rescued three puppies that they came across. Those puppies were taken to a local animal shelter.