NJ animal shelter: Adoption fees waived to make room for dogs displaced by KY tornadoes

An animal shelter in Camden County is hoping New Jersey residents can help them support the animal shelters in tornado-ravaged Kentucky.
“There’s no adoption fees for some of them right now,” says Kathleen Leary, director of the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold.
Leary says that the shelter is on a mission to clear the location of animals so that they can make room for pets rescued from a shelter in Kentucky that was damaged by the tornado.
“In those cases, sometimes people have to surrender their pets to the local shelter. So by us emptying the shelters now with the current dogs that were down there, we are able to leave space for the animals who are currently displaced,” Leary says.
The shelter has taken in two dogs from Kentucky so far.
To make room for more, the Animal Adoption Center and the Bissel Pet Foundation are offering reduced adoption fees for their 41 dogs. Some of the fees are $25, some are waived completely.
One of the dogs from Kentucky is named Indiana. He will be available for adoption starting on Wednesday.
“They’re better off in a home than in a shelter,” Leary says.
Leary says that the shelter expects to get more animals in very soon.
“As soon as I get the call from our shelter partner that they’re pulling more dogs from Kentucky. I would assume it’s probably going to be in the next week or so,” she says. “They made pretty good headway down there, but now with all the displaced animals coming in, it’s going to depend on where they’re at. As soon as I get that call, we will be prepared and ready to go.”
Animal Adoption Center says they are also open to those who would like to help by fostering dogs, instead of adopting one.