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News 12 NFL Draft Mailbag: What to look for from the Giants, Jets, Patriots and Eagles

We surveyed all the News 12 sports departments across the network to see what the Giants, Jets, Eagles and Patriots should do this NFL Draft.

News 12 Staff

Apr 23, 2020, 8:30 AM

Updated 1,495 days ago


Kevin Maher, News 12 Long Island:
The Jets signed five offensive lineman in free agency, four of whom can be starters. So that takes care of protecting Sam Darnold. Now you have to get him a playmaker to throw too, especially since they lost Robbie Anderson in free agency. The two best wide outs will likely be gone by the time they pick at No. 11. But if Alabama's Henry Ruggs is there I'm intrigued especially because of his 20 yards per catch in college last season. The Giants should trade the pick! The Giants only have two picks in the first 98 selections. Not good for a team that needs an influx of talent in many area. Pull the trigger, Dave Gettleman. What's the best way for the Patriots to move on from Tom Brady? Find his replacement. 
Fred Gerteiny, News 12 Connecticut:
For the Giants, I’d go for either Tristan Wirfs from Iowa or Andrew Thomas from Georgia,  I also wouldn’t be opposed to them trading back and getting multiple picks to fill more holes, particularly on defense, where they’re abysmal. The Jets at No. 11, I love Jedrick Wills from Alabama, he could play tackle on either side, but I’d be tempted to go for CeeDee Lamb - a big-time wide receiver from Oklahoma to give Sam Darnold a great playmaker on the outside. The Patriots obviously need a quarterback now with Tom Brady in Tampa, but they’d probably need to trade up unless Tua falls to them. They could go with need as well at tight end - since Gronk retired, they’ve struggled there.  Adam Trautman from Dayton has great size and is a good pass and run blocker and a solid pass receiver. The Eagles at No. 21 need a big playmaking receiver, Lamb would be a great pick if he falls there, I also LOVE Justin Jefferson from LSU.
Robin Deehan, News 12 New Jersey:
I don't think the Giants should trade back. They need a good edge rusher on defense and some help on the offensive line -- and they can find one with the fourth pick.  The LB from Clemson, Isaiah Simmons, could work, but so could OL Tristan Wirfs from Iowa. No more Robby Anderson, so the Jets need a wide receiver badly. Luckily they have choices with Oklahoma's CeeDee Lamb or Alabama's Jerry Jeudy. They could also pick an offensive lineman - if a high-caliber one is still available at the 11th pick. The Eagles also need some help with their receiving corps, since DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery are a little older, injury-prone and starting to slow down. But Philly's defense was so up and down last year and with Malcom Jenkins gone, they could use some fresh legs in the secondary. The Patriot way is.... impossible to predict. Could they go QB? I guess, but I don't really think so. They need some help on defense... but I'll leave it to Belichick and company to surprise us.
Jamie Stuart, News 12 Long Island:
The Jets need to protect Sam Darnold, that is priority number 1, 2 and 3. Last time the Jets went OL in the first round was 13 years ago with D’brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold! That’s one of the reasons they’re in this mess. Be it Wirfs or Wills or Bechton or Thomas, wide receiver is a very deep position in the draft they can go second or third round. Your best player is Darnold—don’t make the same mistake the Colts made with Andrew Luck, protect him. The Giants need to address their horrific defense and go with Clemson's Isaiah Simmons.  He is a freak athletically. I know we talk about Chase Young, he will likely be gone. They need to rebuild to those proud glory days and they need to take Simmons.  He can rush the passer, he can cover the tight end, he can catch the running back, he's a complete player. I'm not going to take Dave Gettleman's quote that he was touched by the hand of God, but he's real close. So I know it is tempting to go O-line, but I'm going Simmons. 
Pete Ruf, News 12 Westchester:
I think the Giants look at the offensive line and go for a high end tackle to help their previous two first-round picks - Saquan Barkley and Daniel Jones will benefit greatly with a solid line. Like the Giants, I feel the Jets focus on the offensive line with their first pick. Sam Darnold needs time in the pocket to take the next step in his development. A solid tackle would be a step in the right direction. I see Gang Green going after a wide receiver in the second round. This class is full of talent. The Eagles had issues at wide receiver last year so I think they put that in the past here. As I said earlier this class is full of pass catchers, and Philadelphia could get a nice addition for Carson Wentz. If I had to make a bet on the first team to make a trade in the draft, it's the Patriots. Bill Belichick could be looking for Tom Brady's replacement, which will be the hardest job in sports. If they can't get a QB, I think they'll go defensive line. Bill loves his defense.
Dan Serafin, News 12 The Bronx and News 12 Brooklyn:
Seems like it's got to be either an offensive lineman or a receiver for the Jets... but that choice in and of itself is difficult.  Seems like for every five big-time, high draft pick receivers you see, three or four of them end up a bust (and even when you find the talent, will it mesh with the team i.e. Beckham?).  But you have to take chances in order to get results, I'd take the big swing and take the receiver (Jerry Jeudy seems to be the guy if he's still there), and let the chips fall where they may. For the Giants, Mekhi Becton, the offensive tackle from Louisville has some red flags near him, but Dave Gettleman shouldn't be worrying about long-term red flags when his job is on the line this season. He needs NFL-ready guys that can come in and produce in year 1.  6-foot-7, 360-plus pounds, I think that's NFL-ready.
Rob Del Muro, News 12 Long Island:
Anytime the Giants have been good it's because of a great defense. You know the LT Giants, the Tuck and Strahan and Umenyiora Giants. The last time they paid any attention to defense was 2016 and coincidentally that was the last time they made the playoffs, so I am on Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons.  They have not picked a LB in the first round since 1984 and that was Carl Banks I think the Giants have to do that. If not, the Giants have to trade down. Would you want to have the best defensive player on the board in Simmons or one of four offensive linemen? Trading down so you can get some more assets to help the defense if offensive line is the way they choose to go - there are four good offensive linemen out there ready to start. The Giants could have their pick of them if they move down a couple of spots, maybe a team wants to trade up for a quarterback. I can understand the Jets wanting to protect Sam Darnold, and there are four great offensive linemen that might be there at No. 11. But if you ask me I’m looking at wide receiver. He needs a playmaker, someone to throw the ball to.  They lost Robbie Anderson, Jamison Crowder is their only proven receiver. If you look at wide receiver, you’re looking at Alabama. They've produced some great receivers in the past: Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley ... Jerry Jeudy is probably the guy I’m hoping that falls to 11. He’s a great route runner, a playmaker who has masterful footwork. His teammate Henry Ruggs is explosive. He can score anywhere on the field. So I’m looking toward one of the Alabama receivers. If not, Cee Dee Lamb from Oklahoma - a great after-the-catch guy - is another top wide receiver. I’m looking for a playmaker if I’m a Jets at No. 11.
What is the biggest position of need the teams should focus on?
The Giants need help along both lines: pass rushing to help their defense get off the field, and offensive line help to protect Daniel Jones. Strengthen those two areas and Big Blue can compete for a playoff spot in the NFC. The Giants could also use the later rounds to bolster their depth at wide receiver. The Jets also need offensive line help. In addition, the cornerback position has been a mess since Darrell Revis left... the first time. And with the defection of Robby Anderson to Carolina, Gang Green is in need of a big play wide receiver for Darnold. With putrid situations at wide receiver and in the secondary, the Eagles still won the NFC East last season. Shore up those two spots and they'll continue to be the favorite in the division. The Patriots need a quarterback. Feels good to read that, right (non-Pats fans)? Let me write it again: the New England Patriots need help at the quarterback position.
Del Muro:
If you've watched the Giants the last few years, they've been horrendous and have lacked playmakers. I'm going defense if I'm the Giants. 
I think the Jets and Giants should both go offensive line, both have young quarterbacks who need protection and I've always preached the old adage, "everything starts up front."
For the Jets, I'd say receiver again. If you're the Jets, there's holes but not a huge amount of them. That's what makes this draft somewhat intriguing for the Jets and their fans - they could end the weekend feeling pretty good about their team. Then again, this is the time of the year the Jets always have us feeling good about them. Where do you begin with the Giants? Offensive Line?  Of Course. Receivers?  Sure.   How about the linebacker the Giants have seemingly been looking for all decade?   
Pat O'Keefe and Dan Serafin discuss the top 5 draft moments in New York history:
What else should we look out for?
If there is an offer available that will allow them to strengthen multiple spots, the Giants should absolutely consider trading back from No. 4. They are in a unique position of being at the top of a strong quarterback draft and not needing a QB. Unfortunately for them, the Lions (at No. 3) are in the same boat, so the Giants' chances of trading back to pick up extra assets will be contingent on what Detroit does. One way or another, this should be Dave Gettleman's last chance to pick in the top 5. No GM should get a chance to make another top 5 pick when he has already picked at Nos. 2, 6 and 4. At a certain point, you have to get it right when picking this high in the draft. We have heard about Joe Douglas' reputation as an old offensive lineman and his desire to improve the Jets through the line. We know about his pedigree of working in the front offices of successful franchises, like the Ravens and Eagles. It is now his chance to show what he can do.

I'm usually against trading back in these drafts unless it's a no-brainer, but this might be a spot where Dave Gettleman can help the Giants by doing so. Filling more holes instead of just filling your biggest one might be the call to make here. Instead of choosing to help Daniel Jones just by adding some protection, maybe get some protection and a weapon at receiver in the 1st/2nd rounds.

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