News 12 New Jersey gets first look at Xanadu

News 12 New Jersey has been given a sneak peak at the massive Xanadu Entertainment Complex's construction.
Upon completion, Meadowlands Xanadu will contain a variety of food and entertainment options for thrill seekers.
Keeping in tune with its predecessor, Xanadu's main attraction is sport-oriented. The snow dome will provide visitors a chance to do everything from snowboarding and skydiving to fishing.
Other entertainment features include an 18-screen Egyptian-themed movie theater, a bowling alley and a live theater, which officials hope will rival Broadway stages. The complex will also contain a giant Ferris wheel that will reach more than 280 feet at its highest point.
Both a gourmet grocery store and a culinary arts center will be available for hungry visitors. At the culinary arts center, chefs will be able to give on the spot cooking tips.
A special floor will be dedicated to children's enjoyment. The floor will be equipped with a Legoland, a Magicquest interactive game and a make-believe city called Wannado, an area run by kids for kids.
Xanadu officials say if all goes according to plan, the entertainment complex could be open to the public by November.
For more on the Xanadu construction, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.
Meadowlands Xanadu