Newark police officers save suicidal teen from jumping off building

The Newark Police Department is crediting two officers for saving the life of a city teenager who was threatening to jump off a building.
Officer Shaquille Johnson and Sgt. Antonio Barbosa were called Tuesday to the youth consultation services building on Broadway for reports of a suicidal teen. Body camera video shows the officers pulling the boy to safety from a fire escape.
"Once we grabbed a hold of him, basically we began to talk to him and soothe him and I began to inch his leg over a little more so he wouldn't fall. He had nothing but slides, well slippers, so one fall and it was basically over,” says Johnson.
Both officers say that this is the first time that they had been put into this type of situation.
The officers say that they hope that the community takes away that they are always there to help the city.
"As a citizen and still a current resident of Newark, I saw myself as a young child that needed help and that's what we're here for,” says Johnson. “People don't understand, but it's more than just a uniform."
Officials say that the boy is OK and agreed to go to the hospital.
Anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts is urged to seek help or talk to someone. They can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.