Newark Mayor Ras Baraka unveils blueprint to reopen the city

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka unveiled his plans to reopen the city following the coronavirus outbreak.
At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Baraka said that it will happen in phases. He says that every two weeks more things will reopen.

Phase 1 starts on June 1 when businesses can start to prepare to reopen. The city will also ease on lockdown restrictions, but residents will still be required to wear a mask in public.
Businesses should be able to start to reopen by June 14 or 15 when Phase 2 begins.
“We are putting pressure on our side to make sure that we do this methodically, cautiously and in a way that we can manage it locally, because we don’t want to see spikes, right? We don’t want to see spikes and when we get through this we want to take as many people with us as possible over the line. We don’t want to leave people behind,” Baraka said.
The city is also exploring universal Wi-Fi to improve remote learning for the city’s students. It will also offer summer programs for kids online.
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