Newark launches initiative to get more students interested in college

The city of Newark is teaming with Rutgers University to launch an initiative to get more students interested in college.
Newark’s Learning Collaborative and Rutgers-Newark launched a series of public roundtables in each of the city’s five wards, which are meant to show Newark high school students that college and other higher education degrees could be in their future.
“There are a lot of people in this city that don't realize that they can go to college and it can be affordable. You just have to be in the know, get connected, come to these workshops around the city and get involved. College is possible for anyone,” says Rutgers-Newark editorial manager Shanida Carter.
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka says that it is important to make sure the students know that it is important to stay in school and get educated.
Baraka says that the goal is for 25 percent of Newark residents to have some sort of post-secondary education by 2025. The city's current average is 19 percent. The state average is 45 percent.