Newark boy makes bow ties for displaced hurricane dogs

A 10-year-old boy from Newark says that he wants to do his part in making sure the pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey get adopted to loving families.
Darius Brown loves wearing and making bow ties. It’s something he has been doing since he was 8 years old.
“I wear bow ties every day. Every day. Oh, I love wearing bow ties,” he says.
Darius says that he plans to one day sell his bow ties, which he makes by hand.
“My goal for my bow ties is to have my own store and have a lot of people buying my bow ties,” he says. “And dogs.”
Darius says that he has a great love for animals and felt that he needed to do something for them after the hurricane in Texas. So he donated his bow ties in bulk to the New York ASPCA for them to wear.
“I wanted the dogs to be adopted and if they didn’t [get] adopted, they’d get euthanized and that would make me sad,” he says.
Darius’ sister Dazhai Brown has been helping him with the project. She says that she didn’t think it would have been something he could do because he has some developmental issues.
“IEP is kind of like a development issue. He has a hard time with comprehension and motor skills. Fine motor skills, as far as like his hands…gripping,” Dazhai says.
But Darius has developed the skills to make the bow ties well and has been making them by the hundreds.
“He’s done a whole 360 coming from kindergarten to first grade and he keeps growing and growing,’ Dazhai says.
Darius says that he hopes to donate 1,000 bow ties to the shelter so that it's not only the animals from Texas who get adopted, but every animal in the New York ASPCA.