New toy trend develops kids socially, emotionally

New toy trend develops kids socially, emotionally
A new toy trend aims to help kids grow socially and emotionally.
The trend is called "SEL," or social emotional learning, and News 12 spoke to an expert, Maddie Michalik, senior editor at The Toy Insider, to learn more.
"It's all about kids, you know, developing mindfulness and teaching them healthy habits, so it is really important for them to start getting the skills, especially as we are heading into back-to-school season," she says.
One new SEL toy is "Dimple Digits," which introduces young kids to colors, numbers and their first words. Michalik says studies have shown that fidget toys like "Dimple Digits" help kids focus in the classroom or on their homework.
"Horizon Group has a whole line of these mood and joy products and they focus on kids' mental well-being," she says. "And I love them because it is a really good way for kids to decommpress after a long day at school and just focus on some mindfulness for a bit."
The options Michalik describes vary in price, but all are under $30 and can be found at major retailers.