New Jerseyans clean up after nor’easter drops nearly 1 foot of snow

Dealing with the snow can be an inconvenience for those living in the city. Whether it was cleaning and shoveling out one’s car or just trying to cross the street or wait for the bus – it can get tough when a major snowstorm blows through.
A nor’easter came through New Jersey on Wednesday, dumping several inches of snow. It was the biggest snowstorm the Garden State has seen in nearly three years.
On Thursday, Ferry Street in Newark was covered in slush and snow-packed cars. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper. The plows did their work to clear spaces for families shopping at stores in the Ironbound section of the city, but it was still tough to get around.
“They said that people could park at school and garages. I just was one of those people who didn’t listen,” one Newark woman said while clearing out her car.
But 24 hours after the storm, McCarter Highway was clear of snow and easy for commuters to drive on. The sun did help to melt some of the snow, but temperatures remained cold.
Many families around New Jersey also took advantage of the storm to take a break from remote learning and home and went out to play, sledding down hills, getting into snowball fights and building snowmen.
Sunshine is expected for Friday, but temperatures will remain cold.