New Jersey to throw out nearly 800,000 unpaid parking tickets

Anyone who has an unpaid parking ticket or similar traffic summons that is 15 years old or older may soon be off the hook.
The New Jersey Supreme Court issued an order that nearly 800,000 unpaid parking tickets and related bench warrants should be tossed. Minor motor vehicle violations like driving through a stop sign, improper passing and broken headlights may also be dismissed.
Fanwood Municipal Prosecutor Daniel Antonelli tells News 12 New Jersey that he agrees with the decision.
“Often times you’ll have police officers who have either retired or are deceased, witnesses who may no longer be available,” he says, which makes it difficult to prosecute the cases.
The court’s order says that “dated warrants raise questions of fairness, the appropriate use of limited public resources by law enforcement and the courts.”
Hearings will be set up throughout the state for anyone who believes a certain ticket should not be dismissed.
Serious violations that are unresolved, such as DWI cases or driving with a suspended license, will not be dropped no matter how long ago they occurred.