New Jersey to receive $10 million in FEMA grants to help Hurricane Ida victims

Help is on the way for some of those whose homes were flooded during Hurricane Ida, as millions of dollars in federal relief is marked for New Jersey.
New Jersey is getting $10 million in FEMA grants for homes that have flooded several times, something that could make a difference for communities such as Manville.
Homes are boarded up in the town following the hurricane, and some people chose to move instead of dealing with another storm. Others want to stay and rebuild. Some people along Huff Avenue faced 4 feet of water in their homes.
"Well, I sure hope Manville gets a lot of that money,” says Walter Bijaczyk. “Many houses here were destroyed."
The storm spared few who live in the Lost Valley section of the borough. It was especially hard hit, as floodwaters from two surrounding rivers began to rise.
"It was nothing but water,” says Peter Weiss. “All these houses here had to be boat-rescued. This person just moved out about a month before, Blue Acres bought them. They're going to tear one, two, three houses down."
The money will go toward raising homes or moving houses out of flood zones. The federal government could also buy or demolish the properties. Some worry the money won’t cut it for the entire state.
“Ten million? No, it's definitely not enough because I don't think Manville is going to get the full $10 million and we need a lot more money than that,” says Bijaczyk.
The funding is reserved for people who are insured under the National Flood Insurance Program.
FEMA will cover 75% to 100% of the cost. The federal government will pay 90% in disadvantaged communities that have a tougher time catching up. 
Grants will be accepted starting April 1 through October. The money could go a long way to help people in communities such as Manville.
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