New Jersey songwriter teams with folk music icons to encourage people to vote

A singer-songwriter from New Jersey has pulled together icons of the folk music genre for a music video to inspire people to go out and vote.
“This year could be the most important election of our lives – 2020,” says songwriter Spook Handy.
The New Brunswick resident says that the moment was right to re-record the song that he wrote 28 years ago around the 1992 election.
“What we sing reflects and promotes our values,” he says.
Handy has toured with folk music greats and enlisted some of those activists' voices for a music video for his song “Vote.” He was joined by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary and icon Tom Paxton.
“It seems like it’s appropriate to have that kind of down to earth, hokey kind of fun. Playful, simple music behind it,” Handy says.
But he says this has an important message – go out and vote.