New Jersey’s generosity on full display by amount of donations made to help Ukraine

New Jersey’s generosity is on full display in Ukraine. Donations made in the Garden State are already on the ground there, helping those in need during the war with Russia.
“It’s a big chain that connects people from here to people in Ukraine,” says Yuriy Boyechko. “What people are doing here, it has immediate effect.”
Boyechko has the organization Hope for Ukraine. News 12 New Jersey first reported about the group, based out of Extra Space Storage in Florham Park. The organization is collecting, sorting and preparing to ship donations coming in from across New Jersey and Beyond.
“It’s been tremendous, the community has responded. People coming – young and old – bringing small boxes, to full trucks,” Boyechko says.
A 40-foot container filled with 700 boxes of clothing, hygiene products, medical supplies and other necessities is currently crossing the ocean on its way to Ukraine. More will follow. Donations have also gone to purchase 100 tons of food – purchased in Poland and brought over the border. It is already in the hands of Ukrainians suffering a food crisis.
The organization still prefers monetary donations, because they not only help to feed the people in need, but also help with shipping costs.
Boyechko updates the Hope for Ukraine website and social media nightly. He says he is grateful for the generosity and says he is convinced that without it, Ukraine and its people wouldn’t have a chance.
“People can see every day what’s happening to their money and they can know what they donate does reach the final recipient – the people of Ukraine,” says Boyechko. “That’s why I know victory is close – because of the outpouring of support.”
Hope for Ukraine uses financial donations to buy food in bulk in Poland. They will continue to collect clothing and supplies - but ask that all donations are boxed up and labeled.
More information can be found HERE.