New Jersey pro-marijuana organization seeks to reassure doubters

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association held a seminar today to reassure doubters about the consequences of the potential legalization of marijuana in the state.
Scott Rudder, CEO of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association and a former mayor of Medford, sought to address concerns raised by local mayors and law enforcement.
Police Chief Stephen Beecher of Mount Olive worried about the public safety ramifications, saying, “Right now in Mount Olive we have drug recognition experts, but those officers are in limited supply and those would be the experts making the determination as to whether someone were impaired in driving.”
Aberdeen Township Mayor Fred Tagliarini brought up the issue of the federal government’s continued prohibition of the drug.
Experts say even if pot is legalized in New Jersey this summer, it would likely be at least a year before it's sold for recreational use.