New Jersey politicians form Moderate Party to get bipartisan support for candidates

A new political party is reaching out to what it calls New Jersey’s “exhausted majority.”
The Moderate Party plans to endorse moderate Democrats and Republicans to help them get bipartisan support. It is a concept known as fusion voting, and it is facing a court challenge.
Republican East Amwell Committee Member Rick Wolfe spoke with News 12 on this week’s Power & Politics show to discuss why he and others decided to form the Moderate Party.
“I feel like the Republican Party over the last few years had moved too far to the right. It’s effectively been highjacked by far-right extremists and it no longer represents my values,” Wolfe said.
The Moderate Party's first endorsement went to Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski earlier this month. Malinowski is running against Republican Tom Kean Jr. in a rematch of 2020's closest New Jersey congressional race.