New Jersey police departments issue warnings about string of car thefts

Several police departments across New Jersey are warning people to lock their car doors and to take their keys with them after multiple cars were stolen in broad daylight.
"We have seen some suspects pull up to houses and multiple people get out of the car. Then they'll start checking door handles in neighborhoods and when they get lucky and the car is unlocked, they're just as fast as they were into the neighborhood, they're out of the area,” says Toms River Police Capt. Christopher Anderson.
Toms River police say that they are investigating more than a handful of stolen cars just this year. They are mostly high-end vehicles that were left unlocked with the key fob sitting inside.
"A lot of vehicles may have different indicators or a marker that can be picked up by a car thief based on how to make a model of the car,” says Anderson. “They have a different indicator that shows it's unlocked so they're aware of those things."
Law enforcement officials say that more than 500 cars have been stolen statewide in the last two months. Police departments are stressing how preventable this type of crime is.
“Make sure you pay attention to that fob. Make sure you click the lock button and hear that beep and bring the fobs inside,” Anderson says.
Police are also urging residents to make valuable items are not left in their vehicles. They are also warned to make sure thieves are not able to gain access to their homes through a garage door opener.