New Jersey man awarded Good Samaritan award for role in catching Brooklyn subway shooter

A Good Samaritan award was presented Friday to the New Jersey man who did his part to help catch the Brooklyn subway shooter.
Zack Tahhan saw the subway shooter in the neighborhood where he was working and didn't hesitate to speak up. Tahhan, who lives in Union City, was in the East Village last Wednesday when he spotted the alleged shooter while installing a surveillance camera on a store.
Frank James had been in-hiding from police after the shooting on the N-Train at Sunset Park.
"I think if somebody is going to see what I see in New York City is going to do the same I did," Tahhan said.
James called police to tell them where he could be found. James then took to the streets and was seen by Tahhan and others who immediately recognized the wanted man.
Tahhan, who is Syrian and Muslim, received extra praise for his efforts from the mayor of Prospect Park, Mohamed Khairullah, who is also Syrian. 
"He's a hero to all of us," Khairullah said. "Zack represents what our humanity is all about."
Along with being recognized in Prospect Park, Tahhan was also given a proclamation by the Mayor of Montvale and the New Jersey Council on American Islamic Relations.
"Zack I want to say thank you for your courage and quick thinking," said Selaedin Maksut of NJ CAIR.
"I have a son exactly your age and I would hope that my son would do the same thing," added Montvale Mayor Mike Ghassali.
Tahhan was honored by New York City Mayor Eric Adams along with five other civilians for alerting police.