New Jersey leaders hopeful federal infrastructure bill will help fund state projects

A bill that lawmakers consider to be one of the biggest infrastructure bills in the last decade is moving its way up in the United States Senate.
If passed, the $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Framework bill could give New Jersey the boost it needs to fund crucial infrastructure projects like the Gateway Tunnel Project.
"Everybody's optimistic that we're finally gonna get an infrastructure bill. Everybody seems to want an infrastructure bill,” says Rep. Albio Sires. “I just want to see what the final product is before I say anything because there are so many amendments that they're throwing at it."
Sires is the senior member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Officials say that the Gateway Tunnel Project, which also includes improving Portal Bridge, is the clear answer to much of the transportation and infrastructure issues in the state. But local municipalities also want to see part of that $1.2 trillion.
“It would be great to get $10 million if we could get it. That would be awesome, really awesome,” says Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli.
On a local level, the state has so far funded $2 million out of this $12 million drainage project off of Route 3 that's been put off for the past five years. If it were up to Gonnelli, Secaucus would get $10 million from the grant money to fund the rest of the project."
“We did so much flood work in Secaucus for the last five years after Hurricane Sandy. That’s really the last big project that we have out there. So hopefully, hopefully it’s funded through this infrastructure trust grant,” Gonnelli says.
Sires says New Jersey needs as much funding as it can get from the infrastructure bill.
"Everybody's working very hard to make sure that we have an infrastructure bill. Because the amount of money that we're gonna get is gonna be considerable by the funding formula, but the funding formula hasn't really been set,” he says.