New Jersey in store for a chilly Halloween as temperatures drop this weekend

There will be a lot of chills this Halloween – and not just from being scared. Temperatures are poised to drop overnight into Saturday.
Friday saw fairly pleasant autumn weather after the storm system Zeta cleared out of the area. New Jerseyans in the northern part of the state did wake up to some snow Friday morning. The weather is changing rapidly, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a freeze warning Friday night into Saturday morning.
But the cooler temperatures and COVID-19 pandemic won’t deter some New Jersey families from going out to celebrate Halloween on Saturday.
The Wilson family says that they will be trick-or-treating no matter what.
“When we were kids, every Halloween was cold and it was just, ‘Put layers on and hope you can see some of your costume,’” says mother Kathy Wilson.
The family says that they can handle the cold weather and just hope that enough neighbors participate in the annual tradition, despite the pandemic.
Other families tell News 12 that they will be changing some of their Halloween behavior out of safety.
“I think it’s a safe activity if you’re just going it with immediate family, wearing your mask,” says Tenneh Lewis of North Plainfield. “For trick-or-treating, we will probably ring the bell, put our bucket down and take a few steps back.”
Older kids who like to party on Halloween will also be taking precautions – with many saying that they will attend outdoor parties.
“I have a huge house party I go to every year. She’s like, ‘Am I going to have all of these people in the house?’” So now we are basically outside and it’s changed too because now you have to get heaters. You have to accommodate everyone,” says Angela Cafferata of Branchburg.
Temperatures will be in the 20s by Saturday morning and will be in the upper 30s and low-40s for trick-or-treating time.