New Jersey considers law to require adults to wear bike helmets

A new proposed bill could require adults in New Jersey to wear bike helmets.

News 12 Staff

Dec 8, 2022, 12:06 AM

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A new proposed bill could require adults in New Jersey to wear bike helmets.
If the bill is passed, New Jersey would be the only state to have a law requiring adults to wear a helmet while riding a bike. Current state law only requires those under the age of 17 to wear a helmet.
New Jersey was the first state to require children to wear bike helmets. The law was expanded in 1998 to include those who were using roller skates, roller blades and skateboards.
The new bill being proposed would require adults to wear helmets while riding a bike, scooter or motorized scooter
News 12 spoke with a bike shop owner who says that while helmets do provide protection, they might not be necessary for a casual bike rider.
“A lot of the bikes we sell for adults, they’ll be the cruiser bicycles…They’re not necessarily in traffic,” says Jay Tintele, of Jay’s Cycle Center in Westfield. “I don’t know that's [helmets are] necessary.”
The law would exclude anyone who was riding at places like bike trails or any place that is designated for bike riding.
The bill was sponsored by state Assembly Member Reginal Atkins.
Atkins was not available to be interviewed for this story
A spokesperson for Atkins says in a statement, “While some may claim the helmet law may be discriminatory, which is a valid cause of concern, those claims lacks the statistical data and evidence to support it."
The statement goes on to say, "The helmet law is a solution for New Jerseyans whose quality of life may potentially be impacted. The enforcement of this law will be left to the best practices of each municipality as the seat belt law is today. This bill is designed to keep all communities safe, regardless of their economic status.”

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