New Jersey congestion pricing lawsuits begin in Newark federal court

This could be New Jersey’s last chance at putting a stop to the MTA’s plan.

Matt Trapani and Tony Caputo

Apr 3, 2024, 4:32 PM

Updated 102 days ago


Oral arguments over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s congestion pricing plan began Wednesday in Newark federal court.
Lawyers for both New Jersey and the MTA presented their arguments to a judge. New Jersey is suing the MTA over congestion pricing. The hearing is expected to continue on Thursday. Depending on how these arguments go, it could lead to a trial and possibly delay or prevent congestion pricing.
The MTA says the program will reduce traffic in Manhattan's Central Business District, reduce pollution and provide critical funding for mass transportation.
New Jersey officials say it will do just the opposite in the Garden State.
Gov. Phil Murphy and Rep. Josh Gottheimer have said they'll do everything they can to legally stop what Murphy calls a "cash grab.”
Bergen County and the town of Fort Lee have also joined in the lawsuit in an effort to stop Congestion Pricing from beginning this June.
Gottheimer released a statement as the hearings began:
“For years, hardworking families, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, small businesses, and commuters from Jersey and New York have spoken in unison: Don’t raise our taxes, don’t pollute our children, and don’t whack us with the outrageous Congestion Tax.
Finally, these hardworking families and commuters are getting their day in court.
Today, the judge will hear what we’ve been saying for months. The mismanaged MTA’s Congestion Tax is nothing, but a shameless cash grab that will lead to more traffic, pollution, and financial heartache for Jersey and New York families.
I stand with the thousands upon thousands of people who are fighting this tax and the plaintiffs in their bid to stop this commuter-crushing, cancer-causing $15+/day Congestion Tax.”

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