New Crime Prevention Program director gets to work

There is a new man in charge of curbing crime and violence in the Garden State.
Gov. Jon Corzine has appointed Creighton Drury, of Paterson, to head up his Crime Prevention Program. Drury says he already has a plan to help put an end to violence. He says his first step will be to improve programs already in place.
?How can we get a sense of the programs that are working, especially in the neighborhoods and cities in the towns were we need to do the most work?? Drury says.
Meanwhile, Rev. James Salmon, who heads up Paterson?s Operation Ceasefire, says he looks forward to seeing what Drury will do for the state and the city. His volunteer group counsels victims of violent crimes and their families.
?The bottom line is, no child getting shot ? we just want it stopped,? Salmon says.
Salmon says he?ll do all he can to help Drury.
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