New ‘Candy Courts’ skatepark officially opens in Montclair

Community members, advocates and skaters celebrated a skateable art installation grand opening in Montclair at Rand Park on Sunday.

Lanette Espy

Mar 27, 2023, 3:40 PM

Updated 481 days ago


A new skatepark officially opened at Rand Park in Montclair on Sunday.
Candy Courts features skateable sculptures designed by Alexis Sablone, an Olympic skateboarder and seven-time X Games medalist.
“This place is for everyone, whether you're picking up the board for the first time or want to take lessons,” said David Derrick, from the Board of Trustees of Skate Essex. “You wouldn't believe the level and skills and pros that come through here.”
The park was built by Skate Essex, a volunteer group that aims to empower children through skateboarding. The group's hope is that this will help children have an active lifestyle, build confidence and break down social barriers.
Benjamin Anderson Bashein, executive director of the skatepark project, said in a statement “We're looking forward to seeing the creative expressions of local skaters with this unique park, both as a skate space and an inspiration for other parks like it.”
Bashein continued, “Skateboarding is a beautiful way to bring people together and form close bonds within a community, and we're excited to watch the sport grow in Montclair and Essex County."

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