Mystery smell plagued Bayonne residents, but is it just the smell of New Jersey?

Bayonne residents have made complaints to town officials about a mysterious, foul smell.
The smell, according to residents, is so strong that they say that it brings tears to their eyes.
The city's Office of Emergency Management said the county is conducting "odor surveillance" after people reported the smell.
But some residents say that bad smells in the Garden State are nothing new. And that the bad smell Bayonne is experiencing is just "New Jersey."
"We live in a town that's surrounded by industry," says one Bayonne resident. "You're going to get all kinds of unusual chemical smells."
But of course, Bayonne has some other, more pleasant smells. There are the pierogis from the Warsaw Deli and the baked goods of Judicki's Bakery.
"The chocolate place we used to have on Broadway was phenomenal, you go by and smell the roasted peanuts," a resident says.
Residents say that the strong smell seems to come and go and that it seemed to have dissipated by Wednesday.
Anyone who smells anything too unusual is asked to call the state Department of Environmental Protection.