MTA: No deal reached with New Jersey on congestion pricing

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says that no deal has been reached with New Jersey on congestion pricing, despite claims made by Gov. Phil Murphy.
Murphy stated that he cut a deal with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow New Jersey drivers to be treated equally when traveling into Manhattan.
But a spokesperson for the MTA says in a statement, “With all due respect to Gov. Murphy, we have no idea what he is talking about. No agreement has been reached with New Jersey or anyone else on credits, exemptions or carveouts because the MTA will determine the Central Business District tolls and other terms once the Traffic Mobility Review Board has made its recommendations and traffic and congestion analyses are completed.”
But a spokesperson for the governor says that discussions on a compromise are still ongoing.
“With all due respect to [MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye], Gov. Murphy has had positive discussions with Gov. Cuomo on congestion pricing and Gov. Murphy’s remarks from earlier today reflect those conversations,” Murphy spokesman Mahen Gunaratna says in a statement.
The congestion pricing plan calls for an extra fee for drivers who travel through midtown Manhattan. New York officials say that this will help cut down on traffic and air pollution.
But New Jersey officials say that this isn’t fair to the many New Jersey drivers who commute into New York for work and who already pay tolls on the bridges and tunnels.
The congestion pricing would go into effect in December 2020 if it is approved.