Move over Devils: Meet the women of New Jersey’s other professional hockey team

The New Jersey Devils aren’t the only professional hockey team to play in the Garden State – there is also the Metropolitan Riveters, part of the National Women’s Hockey League.
The Riveters are based out of Monmouth Junction and has players from around the world. The team is in its fifth year and players say that the league is growing.
“We've acquired a lot of sponsorships which has been awesome for the league and increasing visibility across North America and even beyond, attracting foreign talent,” says player Rebecca Morse. “That's been amazing to see and be a part of.”
Morse has been on the team for four seasons. She says that growing up in Westfield she never thought she would have an opportunity like this. She went out of state to play hockey in high school and college.
“The sport has grown so much in the state of New Jersey and the fact that there are more girl’s teams at the high school level and the youth level it's extremely rewarding and to be back here now too and to get to witness that and work with those girls, I love it,” she says.
Rookie Kendall Cornine is from Kinnelon.
“It's definitely a great experience, and I didn't even think this would be a thing growing up,” she says. “Your goal is always to play Division 1 hockey.”
The NWHL is the first professional women’s league in North America to pay its players.